• Mulia Jaya Universitas Muara Bungo


The development of krinok in Bungo District, began in Rantau Pandan Hamlet. Krinok is a form of culture, as is well known, culture is the result of human creativity, taste and initiative and always undergoes changes, developments in line with the dynamics of human life. The development of renewable krinok namely, on December 16, 2013 in Jakarta, krinok was established by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia as an intangible cultural heritage. Although it has been designated as an intangible national cultural heritage by the Ministry of Education and Culture, until now there has been no stipulation of the pandanus hamlet as krinok sub-village, and the development of krinok as a learning medium is then formulated into the work framework of the krinok sub-village community. Therefore in the future there will be opportunities and challenges in developing Rantau Pandan Hamlet to become Krinok Hamlet. In order to realize this immediately, social engineering, planning for the development of model designs and methods as strategies are needed. As well as designing supporting policies both from the Rantau Pandan Hamlet Government so that they still exist, legitimate and undergo positive constructive changes, towards building a strong and independent Malay character in the Bungo District.
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